Laboratory for Quantum Magnetism is part of the newly formed Institute of Physics (IPHYS) at the EPFL in Switzerland. We study mainly magnetic phenomena in correlated electron materials ranging from local spin clusters to novel superconductors. Our aim is to combine the powerful techniques of neutron scattering at large scale facilities with in-house measurements under extreme conditions – sub-Kelvin temperatures, large magnetic fields and high pressures. We also complement our measurements with theoretical simulations and predictions.

We study insulating model systems, such as SrCu2(BO3)2 and LiREF4, as well as materials where strong electron correlations lead to emerging collective properties – e.g. magnetoresistive manganites and unconventional superconductors.

Additionaly we exploit our materials expertise and experimental capabilities to engage in a cross-disciplinary research such as correlated electron based nano-devices and technological services to industry.